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Fig. 2

From: Three-dimensional imaging for thoracoscopic resection of complex lung anomalies

Fig. 2

Preoperative 3D images and corresponding intraoperative findings. a Three-dimensional image shows an abnormal vein (arrow) running over a branch of the pulmonary artery. b An overlay of each lobe (shown in different colors) and a relatively well-developed fissure (marked blue), which is similar to that between the superior and basal segments of the lower lobe. The interlobar vascular structures seemed easiest to approach from this fissure (arrow). c Corresponding intraoperative view shows the exposed abnormal pulmonary vein (arrow; same vein as shown in a). d After transecting the abnormal vein shown in (c) (arrowheads), the interlobar pulmonary artery behind was approached according to the 3D images. e A traced illustration of (d). Asterisks in (a) and (b) indicate the same arch of an abnormal pulmonary vein

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