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Fig. 1

From: Three-dimensional imaging for thoracoscopic resection of complex lung anomalies

Fig. 1

Multiple anatomical abnormalities demonstrated by CT images and their 3D reconstruction. a Axial-plane CT reveals the presence of an arched vein contiguous with the superior and inferior pulmonary veins. b Coronal-plane CT shows a tracheal bronchus. c Three-dimensional reconstructed image demonstrates anomalous venous drainage (arrows) and a systemic arterial supply from the abdominal aorta through the diaphragm (arrowhead). Note that there are three main anomalous venous arches penetrating the right lung almost regardless of the lobes and connecting to one another at the bottom of the lung. Venous drainage from the upper lobe is preserved and relatively normal. Numerous abnormal arteries are coursing from the systemic circulation at the diaphragm; there might be a direct connection between these arteries and the anomalous venous system

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