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Table 1 Summary of our three patients with esophageal cancer and an aberrant right subclavian artery with an associated nonrecurrent right inferior laryngeal nerve

From: Successful video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery in prone position in patients with esophageal cancer and aberrant right subclavian artery: report of three cases

Case Gender Age Tumor location NAC Final stage Modality for preoperative detection of ARSA Bayonet sign Reconstruction route of gastric tube Thoracic duct Classification of NRILN (Toniato) Operative time (min) Estimated Blood loss (g) Complication
1 Male 53 Mt None Stage IA CT Yes Retrothoracic Normal Type 2A 450 60 None
2 Male 75 MtUt 5-FU with cisplatin Stage IIIA CT Yes Retrothoracic Right side Type 1 722 100 None
3 Male 72 Mt 5-FU with cisplatin Stage IIIB CT No Retrothoracic normal Type 2A 582 175 None
  1. NAC neoadjuvant chemotherapy