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Table 1 Reported cases of non-aortic arterio-esophageal fistula

From: Transcatheter arterial embolization for intercostal arterio-esophageal fistula in esophageal cancer

No. Author Year Age Sex Stage Location Responsible artery RT or CRT Treatment AEF treatment
1 Taniguchi [4] 2011 74 M T4N-M- Mt Bronchial artery CRT TAE Success
2 Taniguchi [4] 2011 65 M T4N-M- Ut Intercostal artery CRT TAE Success
3 Taniguchi [4] 2011 56 M T4N-M- Mt Bronchial artery CRT TAE Success
4 Aoki [8] 2016 66 M T3N1M1 - Right bronchial artery RT TAE Success
5 Our case 2017 69 M T3N1M0 Mt Right seventh intercostal artery CRT TAE Success
  1. M male, Ut upper thoracic esophagus, Mt middle thoracic esophagus, RT radiotherapy, CRT chemoradiotherapy, TAE transcatheter arterial embolization, AEF arterio-esophageal fistula, hyphen (-) not described