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Table 1 Summary of hepatic mesothelioma

From: Multiple malignant epithelioid mesotheliomas of the liver and greater omentum: a case report and review of the literature

Categories Data (n = 12)
Mean age (range) 58.4 years (41–68 years)
Male/female 6/6
Asbestos exposure
 (+/−/NE) 1/8/3
Viral hepatitis
 (+/−/NE) 1 (C type)/9/2
Mean tumor size (range) 12.2 cm (3.2–24 cm)
 (Right/left/NE) 10/1/1
 (Surgery/BSC/NE) 10/1/1
Pathological type
 (Epithelioid/sarcomatoid/biphasic) 9/0/3
 (+/−/NE) 2 (Lymph node)/5/5
  1. NE not evaluated; BSC best supportive care