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Table 1 Reported cases of duodenal cancer anaplastic preoperative chemotherapy using S-1 and cisplatin in Japan

From: Radical resection of a primary unresectable duodenal cancer after chemotherapy using S-1 and cisplatin: report of a case

  Author Year Age/sex LN metastases Location (duodenum) Effectiveness Operation Prognosis
1 Egawa [13] 2008 60/M Periduodenal 2nd portion PR PD Alive, 6 months
2 Kang [14] 2009 48/M Supraclavicular LN
Para-aortic LN
4th portion PR Partial resection Died, 15 months
3 Mima [15] 2011 53/F None 2nd portion PR PD Alive, 12 months
4 Our case   71/M Para-aortic LN 2nd portion SD PD Alive, 12 months
  1. PD pancreaticodoudenectomy, PR partial response, SD stable disease