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Table 2 Reports describing ruptured nonparasitic liver cysts treated with laparoscopy

From: Elective laparoscopic deroofing to treat the spontaneous rupture of a large simple liver cyst: a case report

Year Reference Age (years) Sex Symptoms Peritoneal irritation Cyst size (cm) Location Ascites Properties of ascites Emergency procedures Intracystic bleeding Treatment Outcome
2016 Imaoka et al. 67 F Abdominal pain No 10.5 Right lobe Yes Brown and muddled No No Laparoscopic deroofing Uneventful
2005 Cheung et al. [14] 73 F Abdominal pain Yes 17 Right lobe Yes Blood strained Yes Yes Laparoscopic deroofing Uneventful
  1. F female