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Table 1 Review of reported cases with bronchobiliary fistula after treatments for hepatocellular carcinoma

From: Bronchobiliary fistula caused after hepatectomy for hepatocellular carcinoma: a case report

Author Age/sex Location of HCC Treatment for HCC Bilioptysis Biloma or abscess Disorder of biliary Tree Diagnostic modality of BBF Treatment for BBF (prognosis)
Khandelwal 73/F Dome Chemotherapy + No Stricture ERCP Biliary stent
(5 months; died of cancer)
Akazawa 69/M NA TACE + Biloma NA None Biliary stent
(5 months; died of cancer)
Kaido 76/M NA Hr1(M) + Abscess Stricture 99mTc-HIDA PTAD and RML+RLL
(12 days; died of hepatic failure)
Hibi 66/M Right lobe TACE + No BTT Bronchoscopy Biliary stent and RHx+RLL+BR
(6 months; alive)
Yoon 43/F Lateral segment and dome TACE and RFA + Abscess NA Fistulography PTAD
(2 months; alive)
Kim 52/F Segment 7 RFA + Abscess Stricture CT Hr1(P)+BR
(2 months; alive)
Kuo 68/M Segment 4 Central lobectomy + No Stricture Bronchoscopy VATS (pneumolysis and resection of the BBF) (1 year; alive)
Dai 65/M Posterior section TACE+RFA + Abscess NA CT Thoracic cavity drainage
(1 day; died of respiratory failure)
Zhong 58/M Segment 8 RFA + Biloma Lithiasis CT RHx+lithotomy
(18 months; alive)
Kim 53/M Right lobe TACE + Biloma Stricture Bronchoscopy and tubogram Drainage and embolization of the BBF (1 month; died of hepatic failure)
Zeng 57/M Segment 8 TACE+RFA + Biloma Lithiasis None RHx+lithotomy
(40 days; alive)
Present case 70/M Segment 5, 7 Partial resection + Abscess None Fistulography PTAD, ENBDRHx
(4 years; alive)
  1. NA not available, TACE transcatheter arterial chemoembolization, ERCP endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography, Hr1(M) medial segmentectomy, PTAD percutaneous transhepatic abscess drainage, RML right middle lobectomy of the lung, RLL right lower lobectomy of the lung, BR biliary reconstruction, BTT biliary tumor thrombus, RHx right hemihepatectomy, RFA radiofrequency ablation, Hr1(P) posterior sectionectomy, VATS video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery