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Table 1 Clinical features of previously reported lymphoepithelial cysts with sebaceous glands of the pancreas

From: Lymphoepithelial cyst with sebaceous glands of the pancreas: a case report

  Author Age (years)/sex Symptom Pancreatic location Max. Size Loculation FNA Serum CA19-9 (U/ml) Preoperative diagnosis
1 Fitko [5] 60/male Abdominal pain Body 45 mm Uni Yes N/A A diagnosis could not be made
2 Koga [6] 62/male None Head 52 mm Multi No N/A Cystadenocarcinoma
3 Rino [7] 58/male None Head 50 mm Multi Yes 39 Epidermoid cyst
4 Fukukura [8] 70/male Diarrhea Tail 100 mm Uni No N/A Not described
5 Fujiwara [9] 60/male None Tail 40 mm Uni No 98 Mucinous cystic neoplasm
6 Hebert [10] 48/male None Body 50 mm Uni Yes N/A LEC with sebaceous differentiation
7 Nakamura [1] 67/male None Body 42 mm Multi Yes 69.2 Cystic neoplasm
8 Our case 66/male None Head 20 mm Uni No 55 CIS or IPMC
  1. Abbreviations: FNA fine needle aspiration, CA19-9 serum carbohydrate antigen 19-9, N/A information not available, LEC lymphoepithelial cyst, CIS carcinoma in situ, IPMC intraductal papillary mucinous carcinoma