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Table 1 Reports of endometriosis with malignant transformation in the small intestine

From: A case of small intestinal endometrioid adenocarcinoma

Case Author Year Age Past surgical history Histology Postoperative therapy Survival Reference
1 Ferraro et al. 1956 44 1. Left partial oophorectomy for endometriosis Endometriotic sarcoma Radiation therapy Died of disease 4 months after surgery [4]
     2. Right oophorectomy for corpus luteum cyst     
     3. Supravaginal hysterectomy for fibromyoma     
     4. Removal of a right intraligamentous chocolate cyst with endometriosis     
     5. Colon resection for pelvic endometrioma     
2 Baiocchii et al. 1990 38 TAH and BSO for endometriosis Endometrioid stromal sarcoma Chemotherapy No contributions [5]
3 Makihara et al. 2015 25 None Endometrioid adenocarcinoma None Disease-free for 10 months [6]
4 Present case 2016 55 TAH and BSO and omentectomy for endometriosis Endometrioid adenocarcinoma None Disease-free for 5 years
  1. TAH total abdominal hysterectomy, BSO bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy