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Table 1 Review of reported seven cases (including this case) with intestinal metastasis of angiosarcoma

From: Small bowel perforation due to indistinguishable metastasis of angiosarcoma: case report and brief literature review

Authors, year of publication (reference number) Age, sex Primary tumor site Site of intestinal metastasis Symptom at presentation Visible or tactile tumor at the site of perforation Operative procedure Outcome and time after surgery
Schmid E et al., 1984 [6] 75, M Aorta, bone Terminal ileum Hemorrhage Present (visible hemorrhage) Ileocecal resection Dead, approximately 14 months
Kunkel D et al., 1993 [7] Aorta Massive small intestine Hemorrhage
Bandorski D et al., 2002 [9] 75, M Thyroid Massive small intestine Hemorrhage Multiple jejunal and ileal resection
Hsu JT et al., 2005 [10] 49, M Spleen Small intestine Hemorrhage Present (visible hemorrhage) Partial intestinal resection Dead, 7 months
Ruffolo C et al., 2004 [3] 67, M Scalp Small intestine Perforation (due to tumor ulceration) Present (tactile ulcer) Intestinal wedge resection Dead, 16 days (due to respiratory distress)
Santonja C et al., 2001 [8] 64, F Aorta Ileum Perforation (due to tumor cell embolization in intestinal artery) Absent Right ileocolectomy Dead, 18 days (due to acute renal failure, and liver infarction)
Uchihara et al., 2015
(Current case)[22]
72, M Scalp Jejunum Perforation (due to invisible metastatic-tumor-cell penetration) Absent Partial jejunal resection Dead, 23 days (due to hemorrhagic shock due to hemothorax)
  1. “―” means no data available