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Table 1 Publications that have reported laparoscopically treated bronchogenic cyst located close to the EGJ

From: Bronchogenic cyst at esophagogastric junction treated by laparoscopic full-thickness resection and hand-sewn closure: a case report

Case Author Year Age/sex Tumor location Tumor size (mm) Surgical procedure Anti-reflux measure Complication
1 Melo et al. [11] 2005 39/F E < G 50 Wedge resection with stapler None None
2 Diaz Nieto et al. [7] 2009 67/M E > G 60 Enucleation with mucosal integrity None None
3 Fernandez et al. [12] 2011 33/M Lesser sac near EGJ 43 Enucleation None Chronic chest wall pain
4 Ballehaninna UK et al. [2] 2013 40/F E = G 50 Enucleation with mucosal integrity Closure of muscular defect None
5 Kurokawa et al. [13] 2013 71/M E < G 30 Extirpation and closure with stapler None None
6 Our case 2016 32/F E < G 60 Full-thickness resection and hand-sewn closure Toupet fundoplication None
  1. E > G located mainly on esophageal side, E = G located on EGJ, E < G located mainly on gastric side