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Table 1 Cases in the literature of breast cancer involving a VP shunt

From: A case of breast cancer involving a ventriculoperitoneal shunt

Author Age (years) Past history Region of the tumor Tumor size Neurologic symptoms (other symptoms) Examination of the tumor Treatment
Roka [6] 70 NPH Rt. upper inner quadrant 8.0 cm Headache, drowsiness, altered sensorium FNAC Radical mastectomy/rerouting of the VP shunt
Lee [7] 88 Head trauma Rt. upper inner quadrant 1.7 cm No symptoms (hard skin lesion) Biopsy of skin No operation/hormone therapy
Jain [8] 67 Ependymoma Rt. upper inner quadrant 1.3 cm No symptoms (breast screening) FNAC Wide local excision, SLNB/rerouting of the VP shunt
Present case 84 Cerebral hemorrhage Lt. under inner quadrant 3.0 cm No symptoms (hard skin lesion) FNAC No treatment
  1. NPH normal pressure hydrocephalus, FNAC fine needle aspiration cytology