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Table 2 Biliary tract carcinoma in patients with PBM or CBD younger than 20 years

From: Bile duct carcinoma associated with congenital biliary dilatation in a 16-year-old female: a case report and literature review

No. Author Year Sex Age Classification of Todani Location of carcinoma Operation Histopathology Outcome
1 Armanino 1946 Male 17 Unknown Liver Autopsy case Adenocarcinoma Dead
2 Fujiwara 1976 Female 17 Unknown Choledochal duct cyst, mesenteric lymph node Biopsy of a mesenteric lymph node Adenocarcinoma Dead
3 Iwai 1990 Female 12 4-A Intrapancreatic duct Cyst excision, hepaticojejunostomy Adenocarcinoma Dead
4 Tanaka 2006 Male 11 4-A Cyst wall, common hepatic duct Cyst excision, PpPD Adenocarcinoma Alive
5 Nakamura 2008 Female 15 1a Cyst wall, liver metastases PpPD, partial hepatectomy Adenocarcinoma Unknown
6 Saikusa 2009 Male 3 1a Cyst wall Cyst excision, hepaticojejunostomy Adenocarcinoma Alive
7 Our case 2015 Female 16 4-A Cyst wall Cyst excision, SSPPD Adenocarcinoma Alive
  1. PpPD pylorus-preserving pancreaticoduodenectomy