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Table 2 Case reports of patients showing spontaneous HCV clearance within 1 year of liver transplant without postoperative anti-viral therapy

From: Spontaneous clearance of hepatitis C virus after liver transplantation: a report of four cases

Author (published year) Age (years) Sex Preoperative HCV-RNA (log IU/ml) HCV genotype HCV treatment status Rejection episodes Immunosuppression Time to HCV clearance after LT (days) Postoperative morbidity Transaminase elevation ahead of HCV clearance
Doughty AL [6] (2000) 49 Male 5.7 N/A N/A Yes MP, AZA, CSA 383 N/A Yes
Elsiesy H [2] (2015) 32 Female 4.8 4 Failure None FK506, CSA 30 N/A Yes
Kogiso T [7] (2015) 50 Female 4.3 1 Naïve Yes FK506, MMF, MP, CS 87 ACR Yes
  52 Male 4.8 2 Naïve None FK506, MMF, MP, CS 115 N/A Yes
Our cases           
 Case 1 66 Male 5.3 1b Failure None Rituximab (preoperatively) FK506, MMF, MP, PSL 152 Sepsis Yes
 Case 2 61 Male 2.3 2 Failure Yes FK506, MMF, MP, PSL 111 Sepsis, ACR Yes
 Case 3 55 Male 2.1 1b Failure None FK506, MMF, MP, PSL 177 None No
 Case 4 55 Male 5.5 1b Failure Yes FK506, MMF, MP, PSL 14 ACR No
  1. LT liver transplantation, N/A not available/data not reported, AZA azathioprine, CSA cyclosporine, MMF mycophenolate mofetil, FK506 tacrolimus, MP methylprednisolone, PSL prednisolone, ACR acute cellular rejection