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Table 1 Cases that underwent cardiac surgery for metastasis

From: Malignant phyllodes tumor metastasized to the right ventricle: a case report

  Age Pre-operative general status Surgery Location of cardiac metastasis Overall survival from the cardiac operation Survival duration from initial surgery
Our case 38 Stable Mass reduction of RV, PA RV, PA 66 days 3 months
Garg et al. [13] 35 Cardiac shock Mass reduction of RV RV 8 days 3 years
Jackson et al. [14] 69 Unstable Mass reduction of RV, PA RV, PA 77 days 77 days
Myojin et al. [15] 47 Unstable Mass reduction of RV, PA
Tricuspid valve plasty
RV, PA 15 days 3 months
Nakatsu et al. [16] 69 Stable Mass reduction of LA LA 1 year (still alive) NA
  1. LA left atrium, RV ventricle, PA pulmonary artery, NA not applicable