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Table 1 Reported cases of intramuscular metastasis from gastric carcinoma

From: Multiple skeletal muscle metastases from poorly differentiated gastric adenocarcinoma

Author Year Age Sex Muscle site of metastasis Other site of metastasis Stage Treatment  
Traves et al. 1979 52 M Psoas m. N/A N/A N/A [20]
Obley et al. 1983 54 M Paraspinal m. N/A N/A N/A [15]
Rosenbaum et al. 1984 54 M Upper arm m, femoral m. N/A TXNXM1 CRT [3]
Arnold et al. 1989 59 F Extraocular m. N/A N/A N/A [10]
Porlie et al. 1990 65 M Sartorius m., rectus femoris m. No other metastasis TXNXM1 Chemotherapy [17]
Sudo et al. 1993 61 M Trapezius m. N/A N/A N/A [18]
Van Gelderen 1993 47 F Extraocular m. N/A N/A N/A [21]
Toillon et al. 1994 68 M Gastrocnemius m. LNs around the esophageal hiatus and the celiac artery TXNXM1 Chemotherapy [19]
Amano et al. 1996 57 M Gastrocnemius m. N/A TXNXM1 Chemotherapy and excision [9]
Narvaez et al. 1998 49 M Psoas m. N/A N/A N/A [13]
Pestalozzi et al. 1998 72 F Gastrocnemius m. Mediastinal LNs T4N1M0 Excision and CRT [16]
Oba et al. 2001 70 M Lumbar muscle Brain, lung, liver, bilateral adrenal glands, supraclavicular LN TXNXM1 No treatment [14]
Kondo et al. 2002 64 F Gluteus maximus m., adductor magnus m. Abdominal wall T4N0M0 Excision [12]
Touheti et al. 2004 48 M Buttock N/A N/A Excision [23]
Touheti et al. 2004 89 M Shoulder N/A N/A Excision [23]
Beşe NS et al. 2006 67 M Posterior right paralumbar m. and posterior left paradorsal m. Perigastric and lumboaortic LNs Stage IV Radiotherapy (palliative) [24]
D. Tougeron et al. 2009 71 M Deltoid muscle No other metastasis T4N1M0 Excision and CRT [6]
Pinelopi V et al. 2012 - M Muscles of the left thigh No other metastasis T3N1M0 Excision [11]
Ilaria Pergolini et al. 2014 47 M Gluteus m. Lumboaortic LN TXNXM1 Chemotherapy [8]
Lourenco et al. 2014 68 M Right thigh No other metastasis TXNXM1 Chemotherapy [22]
Our case 2015 71 M Multiple (dorsal m., transverse abdominal m., iliac m., iliopsoas m., femoral m.) No other metastasis T2N0M0 Chemotherapy and excision  
  1. Abbreviations: CRT chemoradiotherapy, LN lymph node, N/A not available