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Table 1 Cases in the literature of adenomyoepithelioma with breast cancer

From: Adenomyoepithelioma of the breast coexisting with ductal carcinoma in situ: a case report and review of the literature

Author Year Age CC MMG finding US finding MRI Cytology Biopsy Operation Atypia Within or out
Kuroda [7] 2008 66 Mass Irregular lobulated mass No record No record Suspicion of malignancy IDC with neoplasm Bp Out
Han [8] 2010 55 Mass Well-circumscribed mass solid-cystic mass Abnormal enhancement AME with DCIS Bp → Bt + Within
Warrier [9] 2013 55 Mass WNL Solid mass AS dilated duct No record Benign with atypia AME with DCIS Bp + SLNB
+ Out
Maeda [10] 2013 35 Mass FAD + Ca Calcification Irregular mass Hypoechoic area Rapid Gradual IDC
Bt + SLNB Out
Present case 2015 71 Bloody discharge Well-circumscribed mass   Early peak washout Malignancy Bt + SLNB + Out
  1. Within or out indicates ductal carcinoma inside or outside of AME
  2. CC chief complaint, MMG mammography, US ultrasonography, MRI magnetic resonance imaging, IDC invasive ductal carcinoma, Bp partial mastectomy, Bt radical mastectomy, WNL within normal limits, AS acoustic shadow, SLNB sentinel lymph node biopsy, FAD focal asymmetric density, MP mastopathy