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Table 3 Review of nonparasitic liver cyst rupture

From: Rerupture of nonparasitic liver cyst treated with cyst fenestration: a case report

Year Reference Age Sex Symptoms Peritoneal irritation Cyst (cm) Location (segments) Ascites property of ascites Hemorrhage Emergency procedures Treatment Outcome
2014 Our case 59 F Acute abdominal pain Yes 10 Left Yes Brown and slightly muddled No active bleeding Yes Laparotomy and cyst fenestration Uneventful
Tenderness and muscular defense Placing omentum over the ruptured cyst
2013 Marion 37 F Pain in the right hypochondrium No 18 Right lobe S4 Yes Hemoperitoneum blood clots Yes Yes Cystectomy Uneventful
Tenderness in the right subcostal region
2010 Ueda 64 F Right upper quadrant pain No 10 Right lobe Yes Serous brown No No Percutaneous aspiration Uneventful
Injection of minocycline hydrochloride
2010 Miliadis 70 M Sudden diffuse abdominal pain Yes 13 Right lobe Yes Opaque-yellowish peritoneal fluid Unknown Yes Deroofing of the cyst Uneventful
Diffuse guarding
Rebound tenderness Cholecystectomy
2007 Salemis 50 M Sudden severe abdominal pain Yes 17 Left lobe Yes Unknown Unknown Yes Wide excision of the cyst Uneventful
Running locking suture along the edge of the resected cyst wall
Diffuse tenderness
Rebound tenderness
2005 Cheung 73 F Sever abdominal pain Yes 17 Right lobe Yes Blood stained Yes Yes Laparoscopic deroofing of ruptured cyst Good condition
2003 Shutsha 67 F Sudden sharp abdominal pain in the right upper abdomen after coughing fit No Unknown Multiple Yes Unknown No - None because abdominal pain spontaneously disappeared within 2 days Good condition
2003 Kanazawa 78 M Sudden onset of sever right hypochondralgia No Unknown Right lobe Yes Dark, bloody-colored pus Yes intracystic No Antibiotics Good condition
Drainage and alcohol injection
Tenderness in the right hypochondral region without muscle defense
2002 Ishikawa 42 F Discomfort in upper abdomen No 10 S4 and S5 Yes Muddy, dark brown Yes No Transcatheter arterial embolization (TAE) Uneventful
13 after TAE Drainage
2002 Carel 76 M Progressive abdominal pain Yes 9 Right lobe Yes hemoperitoneum Yes Yes Laparotomy Death 4 weeks after admission due to complications (hemodynamic instability, arrhythmias, bacterial pneumonia)
Severe tenderness Placing omentum over the ruptured cyst
Diffuse rebound pain
1999 Yamaguchi 61 M Spontaneous pain in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen Yes 13 Left and S5 Yes With blood clot Yes no Hepatectomy due to involving anterior branch of right portal vein Uneventful
No preoperative investigation
Muscular defense
1999 Payatakes 62 unknown Acute right upper quadrant abdominal pain - 9.5 Right - - - - Partial excision Symptom free
External drainage
1989 Akriviadis 48 F Sever epigastric pain - Unknown Left - - - No Conservatively Uneventful
1988 Ayyash 36 M Sudden epigastric pain - 4 Right - - - No Conservatively Uneventful
1974 Brunes 54 F Diffuse abdominal pain - 25 Left - - - - Partial removal of the ruptured cyst Symptom free
1972 Russell 68 M Sudden severe abdominal pain - 12 Left - - - - Left lobectomy Uneventful
1960 Johnston 82 F Right-sided abdominal pain - 15 Right - - - - Catheter drainage Died on third postoperative day
1959 Morgenstern 56 F Sudden severe abdominal pain Yes 35 Left Yes Dark greenish brown Unknown Yes Lobectomy Uneventful
No vomiting Decompressing cholecystostomy