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Table 1 Literature describing aortic occlusive disease with colorectal cancer

From: Single-site laparoscopic colectomy for rectosigmoid cancer with middle aortic syndrome: report of a case

Case Authors Years Sex Age Flow to legs Revascularization Operation Approach Range of LND Reference
1 Maeda 1987 F 70 IMA-IIA-FA Thromboendarterectomy Abdominoperineal excision Open NA [15]
2 Maeda 1987 M 63 CIA None Abdominoperineal excision Open NA [15]
3 Itano 1998 M 68 IMA-IIA-FA Ax-Fa bypass High anterior resection Open D1 [16]
4 Ohara 2008 M 65 CIA-IEA None Sigmoidectomy Open D1 [17]
5 our case 2014 F 69 IMA-AA-CIA Stent (abdominal aorta) Sigmoidectomy SLC D3  
  1. LND lymph node dissection, IMA inferior mesenteric artery, IIA internal iliac artery, FA femoral artery, CIA circumflex iliac artery, IEA inferior epigastric artery, AA abdominal artery, SLC single-site laparoscopic colectomy, NA not available