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Table 2 Pleural fluid and diagnostic studies

From: Efficacy of nonsurgical tigecycline pleurodesis for the management of hepatic hydrothorax in patients with liver cirrhosis

Findings Case 1 Case 2
Pleural fluid
  WBC, 103/mm3 150 100
  Pleural/serum protein (ratio) <0.5 <0.5
  SPAG >1 >1
  Pleural LDH, IU/l NA 49
  Culture Negative Negative
  Cytology Negative Negative
Tigecycline doses, total (mg) 150 200
Pleural drainage
  Before the PL, ml 2050 3500
  Following PL, ml 600 500
  Duration of drainage, days 10 14
Abdominal ultrasonography Right massive pleural effusion with atelectasis left kidney stone (6 mm); liver: contour nodular, coarsened echo texture, C/RL >7, SM; ascites Bilateral pleural effusion (right > left); liver: irregular external contour SM; minimal ascites
Doppler ultrasound following pleurodesis Liver: contour nodular, coarsened echo texture SM, collaterals in the perisplenic region, portal venous thrombosis Liver, coarsened echo texture, SM, patent vascular structure
Echocardiography EF 55 %, 1° TR, 1° MR, left ventricular hypertrophy EF 65 %, 1° TR, left atrial dilatation, aortic valve, and mitral annular calcification
  1. Abbreviations: LDH lactate dehydrogenase, SPAG serum–pleural fluid albumin gradient, EF ejection fraction, TR tricuspid regurgitation, MR mitral regurgitation, C/RL caudate–right lobe ratio, PL pleurodesis, NA not available