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Table 1 Reported 14 cases of spontaneous rupture of simple liver cysts

From: Spontaneous rupture of non-parasitic or non-neoplastic multiple and giant liver cysts: report of a case

Reference Age/sex Comorbidity Major complaint Ruptured cyst Hemorrhage Treatment Outcome
     Location Size (cm)    
1959, Morgenstern [12] 56/F Abdominal pain Left lobe 35 Left lobectomy No symptoms
1972, Russell [13] 68/M Abdominal pain, vomiting Left lateral segment 12 Left lobectomy No symptoms
1974, Brunes [14] 54/F Abdominal pain Left lobe 25 Partial removal of the cyst No symptoms
1988, Ayyash [15] 36/F Abdominal pain, nausea Segment 5 4 Excision of the cyst No symptoms
1989, Akriviadis [16] 48/F Abdominal pain Left lateral segment Not described Observation No symptoms
1998, Chung [17] 76/F ADPKD Abdominal pain Right lobe 16.7 + Marsupialization 3 months, wide excision of the cyst for recurrence
1999, Yamaguchi [18] 61/M Abdominal pain Left lobe 13 Left trisegmentectomy No symptoms
2002, Carels [19] 76/M ADPKD Abdominal pain Right lobe 9 + Hemostasis by placing omentum 1 month, dead
2002, Ishikawa [20] 42/F Abdominal discomfort Segment 4/5 10 + Transcatheter arterial embolization, percutaneous transhepatic puncture 3 weeks, cystectomy for recurrence
2007, Salemis [21] 50/M COPD Abdominal pain Left lobe 17 Wide excision of the cyst 1 year, no symptoms
2010, Ueda [22] 64/F Abdominal pain Right lobe 10 Percutaneous aspiration, intracystic injection of minocycline hydrochloride 1 year, no symptoms
2010, Miliadis [23] 70/M Abdominal pain Right lobe 13 Unroofing the cyst, omentoplasty 4 days, discharged
2011, Senadhi [24] 91/F Abdominal pain, melena Segment 4 3 + Removal of blood clots by endoscopy 1 months, no symptoms
[The present case] 65/F PCLD Dyspnea, abdominal distension Unknown Unknown Left lateral segmentectomy, resection of the walls of the cysts 10 months, no symptoms