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Table 1 Characteristics of patients who developed intussusception after free-jejunal transfer

From: Intussusception causing postoperative intestinal obstruction following free jejunum transfer in adults: two case reports and review of the literature

Reference Year Age (years) Sex Jejunal artery used for free jejunal graft Method of anastomosis at first surgery Interval: primary operation to reoperation (days) Bowel resection Method of anastomosis at second surgery
Flynn et al. [16] 1989 NS NS NS NS NS Yes NS
Omura et al. [13] Urayama et al. [15] 1993 1997 76 F Second End-to-end A-L 20 Yes Side-to-side A-L
64 M Third End-to-end A-L 28 No None
38 M Second End-to-end A-L 90 Yes End-to-end layer-to-layer
53 F Third End-to-end A-L 19 Yes End-to-end layer-to-layer
Kawasaki et al. [14] 2007 75 F Third End-to-end A-L 48 Yes Functional end-to-end
Current report 2014 75 M Third End-to-end A-L 42 Yes Functional end-to-end
67 F Third End-to-end A-L 3 Yes Fide-to-side A-L
  1. NS, not stated; M, male; F, female; A-L, Albert-Lembert suture.