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Table 1 Patients treated with chemoradiation therapy with S-1

From: Chemoradiation therapy with S-1 for primary squamous cell carcinoma of the rectum: report of three cases

Number Gender Age Location Size (mm) cStage RT (gray/fraction) CT Adverse events (CTCAE v4.0) SCC Ag before CRT SCC Ag after CRT Operation Response Prognosis
1 F 54 Rb 21.5 III B 59.4/33 S-1 alone None 9.3 0.9 - CR Disease-free for 3 years 8 months
2 F 84 Rb 42.6 II A 59.4/33 S-1 alone None 6.8 0.9 - CR Disease-free for 2 years 1 month
3 F 62 Rb-a 44.4 III C 45/25 S-1 alone Hemorrhage (G-3) 54.3 1.2 PPE pCR Bone and liver metastasis at 1 year 2 months
Rb 125
  1. RT, radiation therapy; CT, chemotherapy; CTCAE, common terminology criteria for adverse events; SCC Ag, squamous cell carcinoma antigen; CRT, chemoradiation therapy; Ra, rectum above the peritoneal reflection; Rb, rectum below the peritoneal reflection; CR, complete response; PPE, posterior pelvic exenteration; pCR, pathological complete response.