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Table 1 Reported seven cases of patients undergoing major hepatectomy with combined resection of hepaticojejunostomy following PD

From: Long-term survival case of a recurrent colon cancer owing to successful resection of a tumor at hepaticojejunostomy: report of a case

No Authors Year Age Sex Primary disease Time (M) Type of hepatectomy Pathogenesis of secondary lesion Outcome
1 Seki 1998 75 M Bile duct Ca 50 Right hepatectomy Second primary cancer 6 M, D
2 Seki 1998 68 M Bile duct Ca 153 Right hepatectomy Second primary cancer 6 M, D
3 Seki 1998 69 F Bile duct Ca 70 Right hepatectomy Recurrence 17 M, A
4 Hibi 2006 65 M Bile duct Ca 36 Right hepatectomy Second primary cancer 8 M, A
5 Sasaki 2006 45 M Bile duct Ca 108 Right hepatectomy Recurrence 30 M, D
6 Okamura 2011 60 F Bile duct Ca 48 Right hepatectomy Recurrence 40 M, A
7 Current 2014 37 F Cecal Ca 13 Right hepatectomy Recurrence 64 M, A
  1. PD, pancreaticoduodenectomy; No, number of patients; Time (M), time between two operations (months); Outcome, prognosis after the second surgery; M, month; D, dead; A, alive; Ca, cancer.